Symposium on Women and Street Culture

New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, Tulane University 

The Truth and the Pinettes: A Conversation about Challenges, Music, and Legacy

The Pinettes will conclude the Women and Movement series with The Truth and The PinettesA Conversation about Challenges, Music, and Legacy. What does it mean to be one of the pioneer all-women brass band in a city dominated by male brass musicians? Members of The Pinettes will tell their story, their history, and how they have come to represent female agency, self-determination, values/standards, and artistic excellence. They will also talk about the present challenges that impact women in music and how audiences can best support them and be exposed to their true virtuosity.

This presentation will be a conversation with a Tulane affiliated music scholar, and The Pinettes will play one song after the talk and before the Q&A. 

June 2019 (Day TBD)


TBD—Tulane University








Various dates between September 2018 and June 2019