Symposium on Women and Street Culture

New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, Tulane University 


Women and Movement #1

Birthing Yourself: Prioritizing Health, Self-Advocacy and Self-Care for Women, Gender-Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary Communities of Color 

Birthing Yourself is a two-hour workshop on healing and self-advocacy techniques from local artists and healers, Sprit McIntyre, Dr. Veronica Lewis and Sula Janet Evans-Mshakamari. Workshop leaders will guide participants in self-advocacy language that can be applied in the physicians’ office and they will teach self-care practices that participants can use to nurture and sustain their bodies and spirits. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their experiences with regards to health and healing throughout the workshop. The goal of the event is to create a learning lab of healing, care and communion amongst non-binary communities of color, women, and gender-non-conforming individuals.

Saturday, September 8


Rogers Memorial Chapel, Tulane University


Women and Movement #2:

 The Business of Bounce: A Discussion and Party Bus Tour

Bounce legend Cheeky Blakk and African and Creole native diaspora scholar MoeJoe will take audiences on a tour of bounce sites all around New Orleans. They will highlight the history of the genre and explain the importance of women in bounce, and the cultural specificity of bounce locations and African American social justice and sexual agency in New Orleans

Thursday, December 6


Meeting point: the front of Newcomb Hall, Tulane University


Women and Movement #3:

The Color of Grammar: A Story Circle and Workshop on Language and Colonialization in the Gulf South

Social activist and artist Wendi Moore-O'Neal, founder of Jaliyah Consulting will share her expertise in story circle, performance, Black identity, language acquisition, and compassionate leading and listening abilities.   Moore-ONeal will provide a welcoming space for participants to articulate what liberated tones can resound from their unique voices and how we can listen and approach each other with de-colonized speech and listening.

This is a POC only event and will be limited to 20-25 participants.

March 2019 (Day TBD)


TBD—Tulane University


Women and Movement #4:

The Truth and the Pinettes: A Conversation about Challenges, Music, and Legacy

The Pinettes will conclude the Women and Movement series with The Truth and The PinettesA Conversation about Challenges, Music, and Legacy. What does it mean to be one of the pioneer all-women brass band in a city dominated by male brass musicians? Members of The Pinettes will tell their story, their history, and how they have come to represent female agency, self-determination, values/standards, and artistic excellence. They will also talk about the present challenges that impact women in music and how audiences can best support them and be exposed to their true virtuosity.

This presentation will be a conversation with a Tulane affiliated music scholar, and The Pinettes will play one song after the talk and before the Q&A. 

June 2019 (Day TBD)


TBD—Tulane University








Various dates between September 2018 and June 2019