We shared stories, discovered what is working and what is not and imagined a city where all women and girls can thrive.

Through a collaborative, consensus-building process that led to the Summit on Women and Girls, proposals for change around three clusters of issues were identified to help New Orleans become a healthier and more equitable city.

Improving access to health care

  1. Advancing community-based health care networks to improve access to health care in communities where social determinants of health are poor

  2. Educating health care professionals specifically about the needs of minority and impoverished populations

  3. Delivering quality health care to all mothers and babies

  4. Encouraging minority populations to become health care professionals

  5. Providing respectful and culturally-appropriate care 

Accelerating opportunity   

  1. Adopting a holistic approach to education and wellness to include financial, reproductive and mental health

  2. Addressing wage disparities, particularly for women of color, to ensure that all women earn a living wage through a “Successful Women, Successful Communities” campaign

  3. Improving paid maternal leave policies

  4. Creating a city Office of Women and Girls 

  5. Increasing support for the elderly to reduce the burden on women as caregivers

Addressing trauma, increasing security

  1. Creating community-based safe spaces for women to connect, share experiences and network

  2. Implementing trauma-informed frameworks at all levels to prevent re-traumatization

  3. Advancing policies of disciplinary equity

  4. Improving access to mental health services to reduce recidivism

  5. Replacing punitive methods with restorative approaches

Take action now by joining the Nola4Women movement to create a better tomorrow for women and girls in New Orleans.