Women in Historical Health Care: Pharmacy and Midwifery

Pharmacy Museum


Saint Francis Xavier

Shortly after the Ursuline sisters settled into their new convent in the 1750s, Ursuline Sister Francis Xavier planted an herb garden. She compounded her plants into medicines and special teas that were given to patients at the Royal Hospital in New Orleans. This exhibit underlines her work as North America’s first woman pharmacist

Historical Midwifery

This exhibit examines the practice of midwifery in Louisiana from the colonial era through the 20th century, when home-based births attended by midwives were largely replaced by births in hospitals attended by obstetricians. Highlighted are the stories of 18th century French midwives Catherine Moulois and Marie Grissot, and 19th century plantation midwife and free woman of color Aimée Potens. 

About the Exhibit

December 15, 2017 - June 2018

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