Global Summit on Women and Girls

Local and global leaders gather to discuss challenges women face in New orleans

A key event of the city’s Tri-centennial, Global Summit on Women and Girls will take place in late 2018.  The summit will shine a spotlight on New Orleans as a thought leader in the global conversations about women and girls. 

The solution-focused summit will look at successful initiatives and share best practices focusing on the critical issues of healthcare, education equity and gender based violence.

The summit will conclude with an action plan for change in New Orleans and a roadmap that can be adapted to improve outcomes for women and girls in communities around the world.

Following an important initial community conversation on International Women’s Day and a second conversation sharing best practices, thanks to you summit planning is moving forward. Hear Our Voices, a three-part series of community discussions exploring the interesting challenges faced by women and girls in New Orleans throughout their lives, began in March and concludes on June 14th.

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