Nola4MCH: Building a Healthy City

New Orleans Maternal and CHILD HEALTH INITIATIVE

Raising awareness of the critical need for investment to improve health outcomes

Understanding that the health of every community depends on healthy mothers and families, the Greater New Orleans Foundation collaborated with Nola4Women last year to host a series of community discussions addressing these issues.   Close to  650 educators, public health officials, health care practitioners, and direct service providers came together to better understand the breadth of changes needed in both policy and service delivery to make New Orleans a better place for women and children.

Although policymakers and service providers are aware of the urgency, the majority of the funding community is not currently engaged or investing in solutions. Few funders and donors are aware of shocking statistics such as Hollygrove has the highest maternal death rate in the county, or that poverty is the single greatest threat to healthy brain development — and that 39 percent of New Orleans children live in poverty. 

With two-year funding from the WK Kellogg Foundation, the Greater New Orleans Foundation and Nola4Women are launching the New Orleans for Women Maternal and Child Health Initiative (Nola4MCH) on May 13, 2019 with the ambitions goal of  improving the outcomes for women and children in our city.   By building awareness Nola4MCH will help to strategically align investments within the philanthropic community to improve the health status of women, infants, youth and families in our community. 


Kristie Bardell

Jeanete Davis-Loeb

Dr. Stephen Hales

Melinda Mintz

Dr. Tony Recasner

Dr. Lisa Richardson

Dr. Katherine Theall